Traducciones Juradas de Inglés Sevilla

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Búsqueda personalizada

A. Alabama; — Arkansas; — Abbott (see Abb.);—Annuals (Louisiana);—Atlantic Re­porter.
A. B. Anonymous Reports at the end of Bendloe.
A. B. R. American Bankruptcy Reports.
A'B. R. J. N. S. W. A'Beckett's Reserved (Equity) Judgments, New South Wales.
A'B. R. J. B. P. A'Beckett's Reserved Judgments, Port Philip.
A. C. Appellate Court;—Case on Appeal; ?—Appeal Cases.
[1891] A. O. Law Reports, Appeal Cas­es, from 1891 onward.
A. C. C. American Corporation Cases (Withrow's).
A. C. R. American Criminal Reports.
A. D. American Decisions;—Appellate Di­vision, New York Supreme Court.
A. E. C. American Electrical Cases.
A. G. Deo. Attorney General's Decisions.
A. G. Op. Attorney General's Opinions,
A. Ins. R. American Insolvency Reports.
A. K. Marsh. A. K. Marshall's Kentucky Reports.
A. L. C. American Leading Cases.
A. Moo. A. Moore's Reports, in vol. 1 Bo-sanquet & Puller.
A. M. & O. Armstrong, Macartney & Ogle's Irish Nisi Prius Reports.
A. N. O. Abbott's New Cases, New York; —American Negligence Cases.
A. N. R. American Negligence Reports, Current Series.
A. P. B. Ashurst's Paper Books (MSS. In Lincoln's Inn Library).
A. R. American Reports;—Atlantic Re­porter;—Appeal Reports, Ontario.
A. R. C. American Railway Cases.
A. R. R. American Railway Reports.
A. R'. V. R. 22. Anno Regnl Victorise Re-glna Vicesimo Secundo.
A. Rep. American Reports;—Atlantic Re­porter (commonly cited Ati. or A.).
A. S. R. American State Reports.
A. & B. Adolphus & Ellis' English Queen's Bench Reports;—Admiralty and Ecclesias­tical.
A. & E. Corp. Ca. American and English Corporation Cases.
Bl.Law Dict.(2d Ed.)
A. A E. Enoy. American and English En­cyclopaedia of Law.
A & E. N. S. Adolphus & Ellis' English Queen's Bench Reports, New Series.
A. & E. R. R. C. American & English Railroad Cases.
A. &H. Arnold & Hodges' English Queen's Bench Reports.
A. & N. Alcock & Napier's Irish King?* Bench Reports.
Ab. Eq. Gas. Equity Cases Abridged (Eng­lish).
Abb. Abbott. See below.
Abb. Ad. (or Abb. Adm.). Abbott's Ad­miralty Reports.
Abb. App. Deo. Abbott's New York Court of Appeals Decisions.
Abb. Beech. Tr. Abbott's Report of the Beecher Trial.
Abb. O. O. Abbott's Circuit Court, Unit­ed States.
Abb. Ct. App. Abbott's New York Court of Appeals Decisions.
Abb. Dec. Abbott's New York Court of Appeals Decisions.
Abb. Dig. Abbott's New York Digest.
Abb. Dig. Corp. Abbott's Digest Law of Corporations.
Abb. Mo. Ind. Abbott's Monthly Index.
Abb. N. C. Abbott's New Cases, New York.
Abb. N. S. Abbott's Practice Reports, New Series.
Abb. N. Y. App. Abbott's New York Court of Appeals Decisions.
Abb. N. Y. Dig. Abbott's New York Di­gest.
Abb. Nat. Dig. Abbott's National Digest
Abb. Pr. (or Prac). Abbott's New York Practice Reports.
Abb. Pr. N. S. Abbott's New York Prac­tice Reports, New Series.
Abb. Ship. Abbott (Lord Tenterden) on Shipping.
Abb. Tr. Ev. Abbott's Trial Evidence.
Abb.U.S. Abbott's United States Or. cult Court Reports.
Abb. Y. Bk. Abbott's Year Book of Ju­risprudence.

Am. Neg. Ca.

Abbott. Abbott's Dictionary.
A'Beek. Jndg. Vict. A'Beckett's Reserv­ed Judgments of Victoria.
Abr. Abridgment;—Abridged.
Abr. Case. Crawford & Dix's Abridged Cases, Ireland.
Abr. Case. Eq.. Equity Cases Abridged (English).
Aet. (op Act. Pr. C). Acton's English Privy Council Reports.
Ad. Jus. Adam's Justiciary Reports (Scotch).
Ad. & E. (or Ad. & Ell.). Adolphus & El­lis' English King's Bench Reports.
Ad. & Ell. N. S. Adolphus & Ellis' Re­ports, New Series;—English Queen's Bench (commonly cited Q. B.).
Adams. Adams' Reports, vols. 41, 42 Maine;—Adams' Reports, vol. 1 New Hamp­shire.
Adams, Eq. Adams' Equity.
Adams, Rom. Ant. Adams, Roman Anti­quities.
Add. Addison's Reports, Pennsylvania;— Addams' English Ecclesiastical Reports.
Add. Ecc. Addams' Ecclesiastical Reports.
Addams. Addams' Ecclesiastical Reports, English.
Addis, (or Add. Pa.). Addison's (Pennsyl­vania County Court) Reports.
Adm. & Ecc. Admiralty and Ecclesias­tical;—English Law Reports, Admiralty and Ecclesiastical.
Adol. & El. Adolphus & Ellis' Reports, English King's Bench.
Adol. & El. (N. S.). Adolphus & Ellis' Reports, New Series, English Queen's Bench.
Adolph. & E. Adolphus & Ellis' English King's Bench Reports.
Adolph. & E. N. S. Adolphus & Ellis' New Series (usually cited as Queen's Bench).
Agra, H. C. Agra High Court Reports (In­dia).
Alk. Aikens' Vermont Reports.
Aikens (Vt.). Aikens' Reports, Vermont.
Ainsw. (or Ainsworth). Ainsworth's Lex­icon.
Al. Aleyn's Select Cases, King's Bench;— Alabama;—Allen.
Al. Tel. Ca. Allen's Telegraph Cases.
Al. & Nap. Alcock & Napier's Irish King's Bench Reports.
Ala. Alabama;—Alabama Reports.
Ala. N. S. Alabama Reports, New Series.
Ala. Sel. Cas. Alabama Select Cases, by Shepherd, see Alabama Reports, vols. 37, 38 and 39.
Ala. St. Bar Assn. Alabama State Bar Association.
Alaska Co. Alaska Codes, Carter.
Alb. Arb. Albert Arbitration (Lord Cairns' Decisions).
Ale. (or Ale. Reg. or Ale. Reg. Cas.). Aleock's Irish Registry Cases.
Ale. & Nap. Alcock & Napier's Irish King's Bench Reports.
Aid. Alden's Condensed Reports, Pennsyl­vania.
Alex. Cas. Report of the Alexandria Case by Dudley.
Alexander. Alexander's Reports, vols. 66-72 Mississippi.
Aleyn. Aleyn's Select Cases, English King's Bench.
Alis. Prin. Scotch Law. Alison's Prin­ciples of the Criminal Law of Scotland.
All. Allen's Massachusetts Reports.
All. N. B. Allen's New Brunswick Re­ports.
All. Ser. Allahabad Series, Indian Law Reports.
All. Tel. Cas. Allen's Telegraph Cases.
Allen. Allen's Massachusetts Reports;— Allen's Reports, New Brunswick;—Allen's Reports, Washington.
Allen Tel. Cas. Allen's Telegraph Cases.
Allin. Allinson, Pennsylvania Superior and District Court.
Am. Bank. R. (or Am. B'kc'y Rep.). American Bankruptcy Reports.
Am. Cent. Dig. American Digest (Century Edition).
Am. Corp. Cas. American Corporation Cases (Withrow's).
Am. Cr. Rep. American Criminal Reports.
Am. Cr. Tr. American Criminal Trials. Chandler's.
Am. Dec. American Decisions.
Am. Dig. American Digest
Am. Dig. Cent. Ed. American Digest (Century Edition).
Am. Dig. Dec. Ed. (or Decen. Ed.). Amer­ican Digest (Decennial Edition).
Am El. Ca. (or Am. Elec. Ca.). Ameri­can Electrical Cases.
Am. Ins. Rep. (or Am. Insol. Rep.). American Insolvency Reports.
Am. Jonr. Pol. American Journal of Pol­itics.
Am. Jonr. Soc. American Journal of So­ciology.
Am. Jnr. American Jurist, Boston.
Am. L. C. R. P. Sharswood and Budd's Leading Cases on Real Property.
Am. L. Cas. American Leading Cases.
Am. It. J. American Law Journal (Hall's) Philadelphia.
Am. L. J. N. S. American Law Journal, New Series, Philadelphia.
Am. L. Rev. American Law Review, Bos­ton.
Am. Ii. T. R. American Law Times Re­ports.
Am. L. T. R. N. S. American Law Times Reports, New Series.
Am. Law Rec. American Law Record (Cincinnati).
Am. Lead. Cas. American Leading Cases (Hare & Wallace's).
Am. Neg. Ca. (or Cas.) American Negli­gence Cases.

Am. Meg. Rep.
Arcbb. N. P.

Am. Neg. Rep. American Negligence Re­ports.
Am. Pr. Rep. American Practice Reports, Washington, D. 0.
Am. Prob. Rep. American Probate Re* ports.
Am. R. R. Cas. American Railway Cases (Smith & Bates').
Am. R. R. Rep. American Railway Re­ports, New York.
Am. R. R. & C. Rep. American Railroad and Corporation Reports.
Am. Rep. American Reports (Selected Cases).
Am. Ry. Ca. American Railway Cases.
Am. Ry. Rep. American Railway Reports.
Am. St. Rep. American State Reports.
Am. St. Ry. Dee. American Street Rail­way Decisions.
Am. Tr.-M. Cas. American Trade-Mark Cases (Cox's).
Am. & Eng. Corp. Cas. American and English Corporation Cases.
Am. & Eng. Dee. in Eq. American and English Decisions in Equity.
Am. & Eng. Ency. Law. American and English Encyclopaedia of Law.
Am. & Eng. Pat. Ca. American and Eng­lish Patent Cases.
Am. & Eng. R. R. Ca. American and Eng­lish Railroad Cases.
Am. & Eng. Ry. Ca. American and Eng­lish Railway Cases.
Amb. (or Ambl.) Ambler's English Chan­cery Reports.
Amer. American;—Amerman, vols. 111-115 Pennsylvania.
Amer. Jur. American Jurist
Amer. Law. American Lawyer, New York.
Amer. Law Reg. (N. S.). American Law Register, New Series.
Amer. Law Reg. (O. S.). American Law Register, Old Series.
Amer. Law Rev. American Law Review.
Amer. & Eng. Ene. Law. American & English Encyclopaedia of Law.
Ames. Ames' Reports, vols. 4-8 Rhode Island;—Ames' Reports, vol. 1 Minnesota.
Ames Cas. B. & N. Ames' Cases on Bills and Notes.
Ames Cas. Par. Ames' Cases on Partner­ship.
Ames Cas. PI. Ames' Cases on Pleading.
Ames Cas. Snr. Ames' Cases on Surety­ship.
Ames Cas. Trusts. Ames' Cases on Trusts.
Ames, K. & B. Ames, Knowles & Brad­ley's Reports, vol. 8 Rhode Island.
Amos & F. Fixt. Amos & Ferrard on Fix­tures.
And. Andrews' Reports, vols. 63-72 Con­necticut;—Andrews' English King's Bench Reports.
Anders, (or Anderson). Anderson's Re­ports, English Court of Common Pleas.
Andr. (or Andrews). Andrews' English King's Bench Report* See also And.
Aug. Lim. Angell on Limitations.
Ang. Tide Waters. Angell on Tide Wa­ters.
Ang. Water Courses. Angell on Water Courses.
Ang. & A. Corp. Angell & Ames on Cor­porations.
Aug. & Dnr. Angell & Durfee's Reports, vol. 1 Rhode Island.
Ann. Cas. American & English Annotat­ed Cases;—New York Annotated Cases.
Ann. Reg. Annual Register, London.
Ann. St. Annotated Statutes.
Annaly. Annaly's edition of Lee tempore Hardwicke.
Anne. Queen Anne (thus "1 Anne," de­notes the first year of the reign of Queen Anne).
Anson, Cont. Anson on Contracts.
Anstr. Anstruther's Reports, English Ex­chequer.
Antb. Anthon's New York Nisi Prius Re­ports ;—Anthony's Illinois Digest
Antb. N. P. Anthon's New York Nisi Pri­us Reports.
Anth. Step. Anthony's edition of Shep-hard's Touchstone.
Ap. Justin. Apud Justtnianum;—In Jus­tinian's Institutes.
App. Appleton's Reports, vols. 19, 20 Maine.
App. Cas. Appeal Cases, English Law Re­ports;—Appeal Cases, United States;—Ap­peal Cases of the different States;—Appeal Cases, District of Columbia.
[1891] App. Cas. Law Reports, Appeal Cases, from 1891 onward.
App. Cas. Beng. Sevestre and Marshall's Bengal Reports.
App. Ct. Rep. Bradwell's Illinois Appeal Court Reports.
App. D. C. Appeals, District of Columbia.
App. Div. Appellate Division, New York.
App. Jur. Act 1876. Appellate Jurisdic­tion Act, 1876, 39 & 40 Vict. c. 59.
App. N. Z. Appeal Reports, New Zealand.
App. Rep. Ont. Appeal Reports, Ontario.
Appe. Bre. Appendix to Breese's Reports.
Appleton. Appleton's Reports, vols. 19, 20 Maine.
Ar. Rep. Argus Reports, Victoria.
Arabin. Decisions of Seargeant Arabin.
Arbntb. Arbuthnot's Select Criminal Cas­es, Madras.
Arch. Court of Arches, England.
Arch. P. L. Cas. Archbold's Abridgment of Poor Law Cases.
Arch. Sum. Archbold's Summary of Laws of England.
Arcbb. Civil PI. Archbold's Civil Plead­ing.
Arcbb. Crim. PL Archbold's Criminal Pleading.
Arcbb. Landl. & Ten. Archbold's Land­lord and Tenant
Arcbb. N. P. Archbold's Nisi Prius Law.

Archb. New Pr. TABLE OP ABBREVIATIONS Azuni, Mar. La*
Archb. New Pr. (or N. Prac). Arch­bold's New Practice.
Archb. Pr. Archbold's Practice.
Archb. Pr. K. B. Archbold's Practice King's Bench.
Archer & Hogue. Archer & Hogue's Re­ports, vol. 2 Florida.
Arg. Fr. Merc. Law. Argles (Napoleon), Treatise Upon French Mercantile Law, etc.
Arg. Rep. Reports printed in Melbourne Argus, Australia.
Ariz. Arizona;—Arizona Reports.
Ark. Arkansas;—Arkansas Reports ;— Arkley's Justiciary Reports, Scotland.
Arkl. (or Arkley). Arkley's Justiciary Re­ports, Scotland.
Arms. Br. P. Cas. Armstrong's Breach of Privilege Cases, New York.
Arms. Con. Elec. Armstrong's New York Contested Elections.
Arms. Elect. Cas. Armstrong's Cases of Contested Elections, New York.
Arms. M. & O. (or Arms. Mac. & Og.). Armstrong, Macartney, & Ogle's Irish Nisi Prius Reports.
Arms. Tr. Armstrong's Limerick Trials, Ireland.
Am. Arnold's English Common Pleas Re­ports ;—Arnot's Criminal Trials, Scotland.
Arm. El. Cas. Arnold's Election Cases. English.
Arn. Ins. Arnould on Marine Insurance.
Arn. & H. (or Ara. & Hod.). Arnold & Hodges' English Queen's Bench Reports.
Arn. & Hod. B. C. Arnold & Hodges' Eng­lish Bail Court Reports.
Arn. & Hod. Pr. Cas. Arnold & Hodges' Practice Cases, English.
Arnold. Arnold's Common Pleas Reports, English.
Arnot Cr. C. Arnot's Criminal Cases, Scotland.
Artie. Cleri. Articles of the clergy.
Articnli sup. Chart. Articles upon the charters.
Ashe. Ashe's Tables to the Year Books (or to Coke's Reports;—or to Dyer's Reports).
Ashm. Ashmead's Pennsylvania Reports.
Ashton. Ashton's Reports, vols. 9-12 Opin­ions of the United States Attorneys General.
Ashurst MS. Ashurst's Paper Books, Lin­coln's Inn Library;—Ashurst's Manuscript Reports, printed in vol. 2 Chitty.
Asp. Aspinall, English Admiralty.
Asp. Cas. (or Rep.). English Maritime Law Cases, new series by Aspinall.
Asp. M. C. Aspinall's Maritime Cases.
Ass. Book of Assizes.
Ass. Jerus. Assizes of Jerusalem.
Ast. Ent. Aston's Entries.
Atch. Atchison's English Navigation and Trade Reports.
Ath. Mar. Sett. Atherly on Marriage Set­tlements.
Atk. Atkyn's English Chancery Reports.
Atk. P. T. Atkyn's Parliamentary Tracts.
Atk. Sher. Atkinson on Sheriffs.
Atl. Atlantic Reporter.
Atl. Mo. Atlantic Monthly.
Atl. R. (or Rep.). Atlantic Reporter.
Atty. Gen. Op. Attorney-Generals' Opin­ions, United States.
Atty. Gen. Op. N. Y. Attorney-Generals' Opinions, New York.
Atwater. Atwater's Reports, vol. 1 Min­nesota.
Auch. Auchinleck's Manuscript Cases, Scotch Court of Session.
Auct. Reg. & L. Chron. Auction Regis-ter and Law Chronicle.
Aul. Gel. Noctes Atticse. Aulus Gellius, Noctes Atticae.
Aust. Austin's English County Court Cases;—Australia.
Aust. Jur. Austin's Province of Jurispru­dence.
Aust. Jur. Abr. Austin's Lectures on Ju­risprudence, abridged.
Aust. L. T. Australian Law Times.
Austin (Ceylon). Austin's Ceylon Reports.
Austin C. C. Austin's English County Court Reports.
Ayl. Pan. See Ayliffe.
Ayl. Pand. See Ayliffe.
Ayl. Par. See Ayliffe.
Ayliffe. Ayliffe's Pandects;—Ayliffe's Parergon Juris Oanonici AngelicanL
Ayliffe Parerg. See Ayliffe.
Azuni, Mar. Law. Azuni on Maritime Law.

B. O.
B. O. Bankruptcy Cases.
B. O. O. Bail Court Reports (Saunders & Cole);—Bail Court Cases (Lowndes & Max­well);—Brown's Chancery Cases.
B. G. R. (or B. G. Rep.). Saunders & Cole's Bail Court Reports, English;—British Columbia Reports.
B. Ch. Barbour's Chancery Reports, New York.
B. D. & O. Blackham, Dundas & Osborne's Nisi Prius Reports, Ireland.
B. L. R. Bengal Law Reports.
B. M. Burrow's Reports tempore Mans­field;—Ben Monroe's Reports, Kentucky;— Moore's Reports, English.
B. Mob. Ben Monroe's Reports, Kentucky.
B. Moore. Moore's Reports, English.
B. N. C. Bingham's New Cases, English Common Pleas;—Brooke's New Cases, Eng­lish King's Bench;—Busbee's North Carolina Law Reports.
B. N. P. Buller's Nisi Prius.
B. P. B. Buller's Paper Book, Lincoln's Inn Library.
B. P. G. Brown's Cases in Parliament.
B. P. Ii. Cas. Bott's Poor Law Cases.
B. P. N. R. Bosanquet & Puller's New Re­ports, English Common Pleas.
B. P. B. Brown's Parliamentary Reports.
B.B. Bancus Regis, or King's Bench;— Bankruptcy Reports;—Bankruptcy Register, New York;—National Bankruptcy Register Reports.
B. R. H. Cases in King's Bench tempore Hardwicke.
B. & A. Barnewall & Adolphus' English King's Bench Reports;—Barnewall & Alder-son's English King's Bench Reports;—Baron & Arnold's English Election Cases;—Baron & Austin's English Election Cases;—Banning & Arden's Patent Cases.
B. & Ad. (or Adol.). Barnewall & Adol­phus' English King's Bench Reports.
B. & Aid. Barnewall & Alderson's Eng­lish King's Bench Reports.
B. & Am. Barron & Arnold's Election Cases.
B. & Aust. Barron & Austin's English Election Cases.
B. & B. Broderip & Bingham's English Common Pleas Reports;—Ball & Beatty's Irish Chancery Reports;—Bowler & Bowers, vols. 2, 3 United States Comptroller's Deci­sions.
B. & G. Barnewall & Cresswell's English King's Bench Reports.
B. A D. Benloe & Dalison, English.
B. & P. Broderip & Fremantle's English Ecclesiastical Reports.
B. & H. Blatchford & Howland's United States District Court Reports.
B. & H. Dig. Bennett & Heard's Massa­chusetts Digest
B. & H. Lead. Cas. Bennett & Heard's Leading Criminal Cases.
B. & I. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Cases.
B. & L. Browning & Lushington's English Admiralty Reports.
B. & M. (or B. & Macn.). Browne & Macnamara's Reports, English.
B. & P. Bosanquet & Puller's English Common Pleas Reports.
B. & P. N. B. Bosanquet & Puller's New Reports.
B. & S. Best & Smith's English Queen's Bench Reports.
B. & V. Beling & Vanderstraaten's Re­ports, Ceylon.
Ba. & Be. Ball & Beatty's Irish Chancery Reports.
Bab. Anot. Babington on Auctions.
Bac. Aph. (or Bac. Aphorisms).' Bacon's (Sir Francis) Aphorisms.
Bac. Dig. Bacon's Georgia Digest.
Bac. Max. Bacon's (Sir Francis) Maxims.
Bac. Read. Uses. Bacon (Sir Francis), Reading upon the Statute of Uses.
Bac. St. Uses. Bacon (Sir Francis), Read­ing upon the Statute of Uses.
Bac. Ir. Bacon (Sir Francis), Law Tracts.
Bao. Works. Bacon's (Sir Francis),Work&
Bach. Bach's Reports, vols. 19-21 Mon­tana.
Bacon. Bacon's Abridgment;—Bacon's Aphorisms;—Bacon's Complete Arbitrator; —Bacon's Elements of the Common Law;— Bacon on Government;—Bacon's Law Tracts; —Bacon on Leases and Terms of Years;— Bacon's Maxims;—Bacon on Uses.
Bagl. Bagley's Reports, vols. 16-19 Cali­fornia.
Bail. Bailey's Law Reports, South Caro­lina.
Bail Ct. Cas. Lowndes & Maxwell's Eng­lish Bail Court Cases.
Bail Ct. Bep. Saunders & Cole's English Bail Court Reports;—Lowndes & Maxwell's English Bail Court Cases.
Bail. Dig. Bailey's North Carolina Digest
Bail. Bq. Bailey's Equity Reports, South Carolina.
Bailey. Bailey's Law Reports, South Caro­lina Court of Appeals.
Bailey Eq. Bailey's Equity Reports, South Carolina Court of Appeals.
Baill. Dig. Baillie's Digest of Mohamme­dan Law.
Bainb. Mines. Bainbridge on Mines and Minerals.
Baker, Quar. Baker's Law of Quaran­tine.
Bald. App. 11 Pet. Baldwin's Appendix to 11 Peters.
Bald, (or Bald. C. C.). Baldwin's United States Circuit Court Reports;—Baldus (Com­mentator on the Code);—Baldasseroni (on Maritime Law).

Baldw. Dig.

Baldw. Dig. Baldwin's Connecticut Di­gest
Balf. Balfour's Practice, Laws of Scot­land.
Ball & B. Ball & Beatty's Irish Chan­cery Reports.
Bank, and Ins. R. Bankruptcy and Insol­vency Reports, English.
Bank. Ct. Rep. Bankrupt Court Reports, New York;—The American Law Times Bank­ruptcy Reports are sometimes thus cited.
Bank. I. (or Bank. Inst.). Bankter's In­stitutes of Scottish Law.
Bank. Rep. American Law Times Bank­ruptcy Reports.
Bank. & Ins. Bankruptcy and Insolven­cy Reports, English.
Banks. Banks' Reports, vols. 1-5 Kansas.
Bann. Bannister's Reports, English Com­mon Pleas.
Bann. Br. Bannister's edition of 0. Bridg-inan's English Common Pleas Reports.
Bann. & A. Pat. Ca. Banning & Arden's Patent Cases.
Bar. Barnardiston's English King's Bench Reports; — Barnardiston's Chancery; — Bar Reports in all the Courts, English;—Bar-hour's Supreme Court Reports, New York;— Barrows' Reports, vol. 18 Rhode Island.
Bar. Ck. (op Cky.). Barnardiston's Eng­lish Chancery Reports.
Bar. Mag. Barrington's Magna Charta.
Bar. N. Barnes' Notes, English Common Pleas Reports.
Bar. Obs. St. Barrington's Observations upon the Statutes from Magna Charta to 21 James I.
Bar. & Ad. Barnewall & Adolphus' Eng­lish King's Bench Reports*
Bar. & Al. Barnewall & Alderson's Eng­lish King's Bench Reports.
Bar. & Am. Barron & Arnold's English Election Cases.
Bar. & Anst. (or An.). Barron & Aus­tin's English Election Cases.
Bar. & Cr. Barnewall & Cresswell's Eng­lish King's Bench Reports.
Barb. Barbour's Supreme Court Reports, New York;—Barber's Reports, vols. 14-24 Ar­kansas.
Barb. Abs. Barbour's Abstracts of Chan­cellor's Decisions, New York.
Barb. App. Dig. Barber's Digest, New York.
Barb. Ark. Barber's Reports, vols. 14-24 Arkansas.
Barb. Ch. Barbour's New York Chancery Reports.
Barb. Oh. Pr. Barbour's Chancery Prac­tice (Text Book).
Barb. Dig. Barber's Digest of Kentucky.
Barb. S. O. Barbour's Supreme Court Re­ports, New York.
Barbe. Barber's Reports, Arkansas. See Barb. Ark.
Bare. Dig. Barclay's Missouri Digest.
Barn. Barnardiston's English King's Bench Reports;—Barnes' English Common Pleas Reports;—Bamfleld's Reports, vols. 1&-20, Rhode Island.
Barn. Ck. Barnardiston's English Chan­cery Reports.
Barn. No. Barnes' Note of Cases, Eng­lish Common Pleas.
Barn. & A. Barnewall & Alderson's Eng­lish King's Bench Reports.
Barn. & Ad. (or Adol.). Barnewall ft Adolphus' English King's Bench Reports.
Barn. & Aid. Barnewall & Alderson's English King's Bench Reports.
Barn. &C. (or Cr.). Barnewall & Cress-well's English King's Bench Reports.
Barnard. Ck. Barnardiston's Chancery Reports.
Barnard. K. B. Barnardiston's King's Bench Reports.
Barnes. Barnes' Practice Cases, English.
Barnes, N.jC. Barnes' Notes of Cases in Common Pleas.
Barnet. Barnet's Reports, vols. 27-29 English Central Criminal Courts Reports.
Barnf. & S. Barnfield and Stiness' Re­ports, vol. 20. Rhode Island.
Barnw. Dig. Barnwall's Digest of the Year Books.
Barr. Barr's Reports, vols. 1-10 Penn­sylvania State;—Barrows' Reports, vol. 18 Rhode Island.
Barr. St. Barrington's Observations upon the Statutes from Magna Charta to 21 James I.
Barr. & Arn. Barron & Arnold's English Election Cases.
Barr. & Am. Barron & Austin's English Election Cases.
Barring. Obs. St. (or Barring. St.). Barrington's Observations upon the Statutes from Magna Charta to 21 James I.
Barrows. Barrows' Reports, vol. 18 Rhode Island.
Bart. El. Cas. Bartlett's Congressional Election Cases.
Bat. Dig. Battle's Digest, North Carolina.
Bates. Bates' Delaware Chancery Reports.
Bates' Dig. Bates' Digest, Ohio.
Batt. (or Batty). Batty's Irish King's Bench Reports.
Bax. (or Baxt.). Baxter's Reports, vols. 60-68 Tennessee.
Bay. Bay's South Carolina Reports;— Bay's Reports, vols. 1-3 and 5-8 Missouri.
Beach, Reo. Beach on the Law of Re­ceivers.
Beas. Beasley's New Jersey Chancery Re­ports.
Beat, (or Beatty). Beatty's Irish Chan­cery Reports.
Beav. Beavan's English Rolls Court Re­ports.
Beav. R. & C. Cas. English Railway and Canal Cases, by Beavan and others.
Beav. & Wal. Ry. Cas. Beavan & Wal-ford's Railway and Canal Cases, England.

Beon. &, H. Cr. Cas.

Beaw. (or Beaw. Lex Mere.). Beawes' Lex Mercatoria.
Beck. Beck's Reports, vols. 12-16 Colo­rado ; also vol. 1 Colorado Court of Appeals.
Beck, Med. Jur. Beck's Medical Juris­prudence.
Bedell. Bedell's Reports, vol. 163 New York.
Bee. Bee's United States District Court Reports.
Bee Adm. Bee's Admiralty. An Appen­dix to Bee's District Court Reports.
Bee C. O. R. Bee's Crown Cases Reserv­ed, English.
BeebeOit. Beebe's Ohio Citations.
Bel. Bellewe's English King's Bench Re­ports;—Bellasis' Bombay Reports;—Beling's Ceylon Reports;—Bellinger's Reports, vols. 4r-8 Oregon.
Beling. Beling's Ceylon Reports.
Beling & Van. Beling & Vanderstraat-en's Ceylon Reports.
Bell. Bell's Dictionary and Digest of the Laws of Scotland;—Bell's English Crown Cases Reserved;—Bell's Scotch Appeal Cas­es;—Bell's Scotch Session Cases;—'Bell's Calcutta Reports, India;—Bellewe's English King's Bench Reports;—Brooke's New Cas­es, by Bellewe;—Bellinger's Reports, vols. 4-S Oregon;—Bellasis' Bombay Reports.
Bell Ap. Ca. Bell's Scotch Appeals.
Bell App. Cas. Bell's Scotch House of Lords (Appeal) Cases.
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Black. J«*|

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O. A I*. Die.

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Cas. App.

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[1891] Ch. Law Reports, Chancery Di­vision, from 1891 onward.
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Co. Ft

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French Civil Code.
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Cong. El. Cas.
Cos On.

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South Carolina, printed by Treadway.
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Copp. Jnr. Civ. Corpus Juris Civilis.
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Coz Cr. Cas.

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. Cr. M. 8c R. Crompton, Meeson & Ros-coe's English Exchequer Reports.
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Traite des Assurances.
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F. Federal Reporter;— Fitzherbert's Abridgment
F. Abr. Fitzherbert's Abridgment is com­monly referred to by the other law writers by the title and number of the placita only, e- g. "coron, 30."
F. B. C. Fonblanque's Bankruptcy Cases.
F. B. R. Full Bench Rulings, Bengal.
F. B.R.N. W. P. Full Bench Rulings, Northwest Provinces, India.
F. C. Federal Cases.
F. N. B. Fitzherbert's Natura Brevium.
F. R. Federal Reporter.
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Fed. Federal Reporter.
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Fed. Cas. No. Federal Case Number.
Fed. R. (op Rep.). Federal Reporter.
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Fent. N. Z. Fenton's New Zealand Re­ports.
Ferard, Fixt. Amos & Ferard on Fix­tures.
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Fend. Lib. The Book of Feuds. See this dictionary, s. v. "Liber Feudorum."
Ff. Pandectae (Juris Civilis).
Field, Copp. Field on Corporations.
Fin. Finch's English Chancery Reports; —Finlason (see Finl.).
Finch. English Chancery Reports tem­pore Finch.
Finch Ins. Dig. Finch's Insurance Di­gest
Bl.Law Dict.(2d Ed.)—80
Finch Ii. C. Finch's Land Cases.
Finl. L. C. Finlason's Leading Cases on Pleading.
Finl. Rep. Finlason's Report of the Gur> ney Case.
First pt. Edw. III. Part II of the Tear Books.
First pt. H. VI. Part VII of the Year Books.
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Fish. Pat. Rep. Fisher's United States Patent Reports.
Fish. Prize (op Pp. Cas.). Fisher's Unit­ed States Prize Cases.
Fitz. Fitzherbert's Abridgment (see F. & Fitz.).
Fitzg. Fitzgibbon's English King's Bench Reports.
Fitzh. Abr. Fitzherbert's Abridgment
Fitzh. N. B. (op Nat. Brev.). Fitzher­bert's New Natura Brevium.
Fl. Fleta;—Flanders <see Fland.).
Fl. & K. (op Fl. & Kel.). Flanagan & Kel­ly's Irish Rolls Court Reports.
Fla. Florida;—Florida Reports.
Flan. & Kel. Flanagan & Kelly's Irish Rolls Court Reports.
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Fonbl. Fonblanque's Equity, — Fon-
blanque on Medical Jurisprudence;—Fon­blanque's New Reports, English Bankruptcy.
Fonbl. Bq. Fonblanque's Equity.
Fonbl. R. Fonblanque's English Cases (or-New Reports) in Bankruptcy.
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Forb. Inst. Forbes' Institutes of the Law of Scotland.
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Forr. Forrest's English Exchequer Re­ports;—Forrester's English Chancery Cases. (commonly cited, Cases tempore Talbot).


Forrest. Forrest's Reports, English Ex­chequer.
Fors. Cas. & Op. Forsyth's Cases and Opinions on Constitutional Law.
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Fortes. Fortescue's Reports, English Courts.
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Fraser. Fraser's English Oases of Con­troverted Elections.
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Free. Freeman's English King's Bench Reports, vol. 1 Freeman's King's Bench Re­ports and vol. 2 Freeman's Chancery Re­ports. See also Freem.
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Freem. C. C. Freeman's English Chan­cery Cases.
Freem. Compar. Politics. Freeman,
Comparative Politics.
Freem. Judgm. Freeman on Judgments.
Freem. K. B. Freeman's English King's Bench Reports.
Fries Tr. Trial of John Fries (Treason).
Frith. Opinions Attorneys-General, pt. 2, vol. 21.
Full B. R. Full Bench Rulings, Bengal (or Northwestern Provinces).
Fuller. Fuller's Reports, vols. 59-105 Michigan.
Fulton. Fulton's Reports, Bengal.

GUI Pol. Rep.

G. Gale's English Exchequer Reports.
G. Coop, (or Cooper). G. Cooper's Eng­lish Chancery.
G. Gr. G. Greene's Iowa Reports.
G. M. Dndl. G. M. Dudley's Georgia Re­ports.
G. O. General Orders, Court of Chancery, Ontario.
G. & D. Gale & Davidson's English Queen's Bench Reports.
G. & G. Goldsmith & Guthrie, Missouri.
G. & J. Gill & Johnson's Maryland Re­ports;—Glyn & Jameson's English Bankrupt­cy Reports.
G. & T. Gould & Tucker's Notes on Re­vised Statutes of United States.
Ga. Georgia;—Georgia Reports.
Ga. Deo. Georgia Decisions.
Ga. Snpp. Lester's Supplement, vol. 33 Georgia.
Gains. Gaius' Institutes.
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Galb. & M. Galbraith & Meek's Reports, vol. 12 Florida.
Galbraith. Galbraith's Reports, vols. 9-12 Florida.
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Gale, Easem. Gale on Easements.
Gale & Dav. Gale & Davison's Queen's Bench Reports.
Gall. Gallison's Reports, United States Gircuit Courts.
Gall. Cr. Cas. Gallick's Reports (French Criminal Cases).
Gamb. & Barl. Gamble & Barlow's Di­gest, Irish.
GanttDig. Gantt's Digest Statutes, Ar­kansas.
Gard. N. Y. Rept. Gardenier's New York Reporter.
Gardenhire. Gardenhire's Reports, vols. 14, 15 Missouri.
Gardn. P. C. Gardner Peerage Case, re­ported by Le Marchant.
Gaspar. Gaspar's Small Cause Court Re­ports, Bengal.
Gayarre. Gayarrg's Reports, vols. 25-28 Louisiana Annual.
Gaz. Bank. Gazette of Bankruptcy, Lon­don.
Gaz. Dig. Gazzam's Digest of Bankrupt­cy Decisions.
Gaz. 8c B. C. Bep. Gazette & Bankrupt Court Reporter, New York.
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Geld. 8c R. Geldert & Russell, Nova Sco­tia.
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Gen. Abr. Cas. Eq. General Abridgment of Cases in Equity (Equity Cases Abridged).
Gen. Dig. General Digest American and English Reports.
Gen. Laws. General Laws.
Gen. Ord. General Orders, Ontario Court of Chancery.
Gen. Ord. Ch. General Orders of the Eng­lish High Court of Chancery.
Gen. St. General Statutes.
Geo. Georgia;—Georgia Reports;—King George (as 13 Geo. IIf).
Geo. Coop. George Cooper's English Chan­cery Cases, time of Eldon.
Geo. Dec. Georgia Decisions.
Geo. Dig. George's Digest, Mississippi.
George. George's Reports vols. 30-39 Mississippi.
Gib. Cod. Gibson's Codex Juris Ecclesi­astical Anglicani.
Gib. Dec. Gibson's Scottish Decisions.
Gibbon, Rom. Emp. Gibbon, History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
Gibbs. Gibbs' Reports, vols. 2-4 Michigan.
Gibbs' Jnd. Cbr. Gibbs' Judicial Chron­icle.
Gibs. Camd. Gibson's [edition of] Cam­den's Britannia.
Gibson. (Gibson of) Durie's Decisions, Scotch Court of Session.
Gif. (or Giff.). Giffard's English Vice-Chancellors' Reports.
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Giff. 8c H. Giffard and Hemming's Re­ports, English Chancery.
Gil. Gilflllan's Edition, vols. 1-20 Minne-sota;—Gilman's Reports, vols. 6-10 Illinois; —Gilmer's Virginia Reports;—Gilbert's Eng­lish Chancery Reports;—Gilbert's English Cases in Law and Equity.
Gilb. Gilbert's Reports, English Chan­cery.
Gilb. Cas. Gilbert's English Cases in Law and Equity.
Gilb. Ch. Gilbert's English Chancery Re­ports.
Gilb. Com. PI. Gilbert's Common Pleas.
Gilb. Eq. Gilbert's English- Equity or Chancery Reports.
Gilb. Forum Rom. Gilbert's Forum Ro-manum.
Gilb. Rep. Gilbert's English Chancery Re­ports.
Gilb. Ten. Gilbert on Tenure.
Gilb. Uses. Gilbert on Uses and Trusts.
Gild. Gildersleeve's Reports, vols. 1-8 New Mexico.
Gilfillan. Gilflllan's Edition of Minne­sota Reports.
Gill. Gill's Maryland Reports.
Gill Pol. Rep. Gill's Police Court Re­ports, Boston, Massachusetts.

TABLE OF ABBREVIATIONS Green's Brlce, Ultra Vlret

GUI & J. (Md.). Gill & Johnson's Re­ports, Maryland.
GUI & Johns. Gill & Johnson's Mary­land Reports.
Gilm. Gilman's Reports, vols. 6-10 Illi­nois;— Gilmer's Reports, Virginia;— Gil-mour's Reports, Scotch Court of Session.
Gilm. Dig. Gilman's Digest, Illinois and Indiana.
Gilm. & Talc. Gilmour & Falconer's Re­ports, Scotch Court of Session.
Gilp. Gilpin's United States District Court Reports.
Gilp. Opin. Gilpin's Opinions of the United States Attorneys-General.
Gl. & J. Glyn & Jameson's English Bank­ruptcy Reports.
Glan. lib. Glanville* De Legibus et Con-suetudinibus Anglise.
Glanv. (or Glanvil.). Glanville, De Legi­bus et Consuetudinibus Angliae.
Glanv. El. Cas. Glanville's English Elec­tion Cases.
Glas. (or Glaso.). Glascock's Reports in all the Courts of Ireland.
Glenn. Glenn's Reports, vols. 16-18 Lou­isiana Annual.
Glov. Man. Corp. Glover on Municipal Corporations.
Glyn & Jam. Glyn & Jameson's Reports, English Bankruptcy.
Go. GoebeFs Probate Court Cases.
Godb. Godbolt's English King's Bench Reports.
Godo. Godolphin's Abridgment of Eccle­siastical Law;—Godolphin on Admiralty Ju­risdiction;—Godolphin's Orphan's Legacy;— Godolphin's Repertorium Canonicum.
Godol. Ecc. Law. Godolphin's Abridg­ment of Ecclesiastical Law.
Goeb. Goebel's Probate Court Cases.
Gold, (or Goldes.). Goldesborough's or Gouldsborough's English King's Bench Re­ports.
Gold. & G. Goldsmith & Guthrie's Re­ports, vols. 36-67 Missouri Appeals.
Good. Pat. Goodeve's Abstract of Patent Cases.
Good. 8s Wood. Full Bench Rulings, Ben­gal, edited by Goodeve & Woodman.
Gordon. Gordon's Reports, vols. 24-26 Colorado and vols. 10-13 Colorado Appeals.
Gosf. Gosford's Manuscript Reports, Scotch Court of Session.
Gould. Gouldsborough's English King's Bench Reports.
Gould, PI. Gould on Pleading.
Gould & T. Gould & Tucker's Notes on Revised Statutes of United States.
Gov (or Gow N. P.). Gow's English Nisi Prius Oases.
Gr. Grant's Cases, Pennsylvania;—Green's New Jersey Reports;—Greenleaf 's Maine Re­ports;—Grant's Cases, Canada;—Grant's Chancery Reports, Ontario.
Gr. Ca. Grant's Cases.
Gr. Eq. (or Cb.). (H. W.) Green's New Jersey Equity Reports;—Gresley's Equity Evidence.
Gra. Grant (see Grant);—Graham's Re­ports, vols. 98-107 Georgia.
Grand Con. Grand Coutumier de Nor-mandie.
Granger. Granger's Reports, vols. 22-23 Ohio State.
Grant. Grant's Upper Canada Chancery Reports;—Grant's Pennsylvania Cases;— (Grant of) Elchies' Scotch Session Oases;— Grant's Jamaica Reports.
Grant, Bank. Grant on Banking.
Grant Cas. Grant's Pennsylvania Cases.
Grant Cb. Grant's Upper Canada Chan­cery Reports.
Grant, Corp. Grant on Corporations.
Grant E. & A. Grant's Error and Ap­peal Reports, Ontario.
Grant, Jamaica. Grant's Jamaica Re­ports.
Grant Pa. Grant's Pennsylvania Cases.
Grant U. C. Grant's Upper Canada Chan­cery Reports.
Grat. (or Gratt.). Grattan's Virginia Re­ports.
Grav. de Jur. Nat. Gent. Gravina, De Jure Naturale Gentium, etc.
Gravin. Gravina, Originum Juris Civilis.
Gray. Gray's Massachusetts Reports;— Gray's Reports, vols. 112-122 North Caro­lina.
Green. Green's New Jersey Law or Eq­uity Reports;—Green's Reports, vols. 11-17 Rhode Island;—G. Greene's Iowa Reports;— Greenleaf's Reports, vols. 1-9 Maine;— Green's Reports, vol. 1 Oklahoma.
Green (C. E.). C. E. Green's Chancery Reports, New Jersey.
Green Cb. H. W. Green's New Jersey Chancery Reports, vols. 2-4 New Jersey Eq­uity.
Green Cr. L. Rep. Green's Criminal Law Reports.
Green I*, (or N. J.). J. S. Green's Law Reports, vols. 13-15 New Jersey Law.
Green. Ov. Cas. Greenleaf's Overruled Cases.
Green Se. Tr. Green's Scottish Trials for Treason.
Greene. G. Greene's Iowa Reports;—C. E. Green's New Jersey Equity Reports, vols. 16-27 New Jersey Equity;—Greene's Reports, vol. 7 New York Annotated Cases.
Greene G. Greene's Iowa Reports.
Greenl. Greenleaf's Reports, vols. 1-0 Maine.
Greenl. Cruise. Greenleaf s Cruise on Real Property.
Greenl. Ev„ Greenleaf on Evidence.
Greenl. Ov. Cas. Greenleaf's Overruled Cases.
Green's Brice, Ultra Vires. Green's Edi­tion of Brice's Ultra Vires.

Gwil. Ti. Cas.

Gren. Grenier's Ceylon Reports.
Greg. Eq. Ev. Gresley's Equity Evidence.
Grif. L. Beg. Griffith's Law Register, Burlington, New Jersey.
Grif. P. R. Cas. Griffith's English Poor Rate Cases.
Griffith. Griffith's Reports, vols. 1-5 In­diana Appeals and vols. 117-132 Indiana.
Grisw. Griswold's Reports, vols. 14-19 Ohio.
Gro. Grotius, De Jure Belli et Pacis.
Gro. de J. B. Grotius, De Jure Belli et Pacis.
Grot, de Jur. B. Grotius, De Jure Belli et Pacis.
Guizot, Hist. Civilization. Guizot, Gen­eral History of Civilization in Europe.
Gaizot, Rep. Govt. Guizot, History of Representative Government.
Gnndry. Gundry Manuscript, Lincoln's Inn Library.
Gnth. Sh. Cas. Guthrie's Sheriff Court Cases, Scotland.
Guthrie. Guthrie's Reports, vols. 33-83 Missouri Appeals.
Guy, Med. Jnr. Guy, Medical Jurispru­dence.
Guyot, Inst. Feod. Guyot, Institutes Peodales.
Gwil. Ti. Cas. Gwillim's Tithe Cases.

Hall. Middle Ages
H. Howard's United States Supreme Court Reports;—Hill's New York Reports.
H. Bl. Henry Blackstone's English Com­mon Pleas Reports.
H. C. R. High Court Reports, India.
H.C. R. N. W. P. High Court Reports, Northwest Provinces, India.
H. E. C. Hodgtn's Election Cases, Ontario.
H. Ii. (or H. L. Cas.). House of Lords Cases.
H. L. Rep. English House of Lords Re­ports.
H. P. O. Hale's Pleas of the Crown;— Hawkins' Pleas of the Crown.
H. W. Gp. H. W. Green's New Jersey Eq­uity Reports.
H. & B. Hudson & Brooke's Irish King's Bench Reports.
H. & C. Hurlstone & Coltman's English Exchequer Reports.
H. & D. Lalor's Supplement to Hill & Denio's New York Reports.
H. & G. Harris & Gill's Maryland Re­ports ;—Hurlstone & Gordon's English Re­ports.
H. & H. Horn & Hurlstone's English Ex­chequer Reports;—Harrison & Hodgin's Mu­nicipal Reports, Upper Canada.
H. & J. Harris & Johnson's Maryland Re­ports;—Hayes & Jones' Exchequer Reports, Ireland.
HI Sc M. Hening & Munford's Virginia Reports;—Hemming & Miller's English Vice-Chancellors' Reports.
H. & M. Ck. Hemming & Miller's English Vice-Chancellors' Reports.
H. & McH. Harris & McHenry's Mary­land Reports.
H. & N. Hurlstone & Norman's English Exchequer Reports.
H. & P. Hopwood & Philbrick's English Election Cases.
H. & R. Harrison & Rutherford's English Common Pleas Reports.
H. & S. Harris & Simrall, Mississippi.
H. & T. Hall & Twell's English Chancery Reports.
H. & T. Self-Def. Horrigan & Thomp­son's Cases on the Law of Self-Defense.
H. & W. Harrison & Wollaston's English King's Bench Reports;—Hurlstone & Walms-ley's English Exchequer Reports.
Ha. Hare's Chancery Reports;—Hall;— Haggard.
Ha. & Tw. Hall & Twell's English Chan­cery Reports.
Had. Haddington;—Hadley's Reports, vols. 45-48 New Hampshire.
Haddington. Haddington's Manuscript Reports, Scotch Court of Session.
Hadl. Hadley's Reports, vols. 45-48 New Hampshire.
Hadl. Rom. Law. Hadley's Introduction to the Roman Law.
Hadley. Hadley's Reports, vols. 45-48 New Hampshire.
Hag. (or Hagg.) Adm. Haggard's English Admiralty Reports.
Hag. (or Hagg.) Con. Haggard's English Consistory Reports.
Hag. (or Hagg.) Ecc. Haggard's English Ecclesiastical Reports.
Hagan. Hagan's Reports, vols. 1-2 Utah.
Hagans. Hagans' Reports, vols. 1-5 West Virginia.
Hagg. See Hag.
Hagg. Consist. Haggard's Consistory Re­ports, English.
Hagn. & Mill. Hagner & Miller's Re­ports, vol. 2 Maryland Chancery.
Hailes. Hailes' Decisions, Scotch Court of Session.
Hal. Law. Halsted's New Jersey Law Re­ports.
Hale. Min. Cas. Halcomb's Mining Cas­es, London, 1826.
Hale. Hale's Reports, vols. 33-37 Cali­fornia.
Hale, Anal. Hale's Analysis of the Law.
Hale C. L. (or Com. Law). Hale's His­tory of the Common Law.
Hale, De Jure Mar. Hale, De Jure Maris.
Hale Ecc. Hale's Ecclesiastical Reports, English.
Hale, Hist. Eng. Law. Hale's History of the English Law.
Hale P. C. Hale's Pleas of the Crown.
Hale Prec. Hale's Precedents in (Ecclesi­astical) Criminal Cases.
Halk. Halkerston's Compendium of Scotch Faculty Decisions;—Halkerston's Digest of the Scotch Marriage Law;—Halkerston's Latin Maxims.
Halk. Comp. Halkerston's Compendium of Scotch Faculty Decisions.
Halk. Lat. Max. Halkerston's Latin
Hall. Hall's New York Superior Court Reports;—Hall's Reports, vols. 56, 57 New Hampshire;—Hallett's Reports, vols. 1, 2 Colorado.
Hall. Const. Hist. Hallam's Constitu­tional History of England.
Hall, Emerig. Mar. Loans. Hall, Essay on Maritime Loans from the French of Em-erigon.
Hall, Int. Law. Hall on International Law.
Hall, Marit. Loans. Hall, Essay on Mar­itime Loans from the French of Emerigon.
Hall, Mex. Law. Hall, Laws of Mexie* Relating to Real Property, etc.
Hall. Middle Ages. Hallam's Middle Ages.

Hall, Profits a Prendre TABLE OF ABBREVIATIONS

Hall, Profits a Prendre. Hall, Treatise on the Law Relating to Profits a Prendre, etc.
Hall & Tw. Hall & Twell's Reports, Eng­lish Chancery.
Hallam, Mid. Ages. Hallam's Middle Ages.
Hallett. Hallett's Reports, vols. 1, 2 Col­orado.
Hallifaz, Anal, (or Civil Law). Hali­fax's Analysis of the Civil Law.
Hals. Halsted's New Jersey Law Re­ports.
Hals. Ch. (or Eq.). Halsted's New Jersey Equity Reports.
Ham. Hammond's Nisi Prius;—Ham­mond's Reports, vols. 1-9 Ohio.
Ham. A. & O. Hammerton, Allen & Otter, English Magistrates' Cases, vol. 3 New Ses­sions Cases.
Ham. N. P. Hammond's Nisi Prius.
Ham. Parties. Hammond on Parties to Action.
Hamel, Cast. Hamel's Laws of the Cus­toms.
Hamilton. (Hamilton of) Haddington's Manuscript Cases, Scotch Court of Session; —Hamilton, American Negligence Cases.
Hamlin. Hamlin's Reports, vols. 81-93 Maine.
Hammond. Hammond's Reports, vols. 1-9 Ohio;—Hammond's Reports, vols. 36-45 Georgia.
Hammond & Jackson. Hammond & Jackson's Reports, vol. 45 Georgia.
Han. Handy's Ohio Reports.
Han. (or Han. [N. B.]). Hannay's Re­ports, vols. 12, 13, New Brunswick.
Hand. Hand's Reports, vols. 40-45 New York;—Handy's Ohio Reports.
Handy. Handy's Ohio Reports.
Hanes. H&nes' English Chancery.
Hanmer. Lord Kenyon's. Notes (English King's Bench Reports), edited by Hanmer.
Hann. Hannay's Reports, vols. 12, 13, New Brunswick.
Hansb. Hansbrough's Reports, vols. 76-90 Virginia.
Har. Harmonized;—Harrison (see Harr.); —Harrington's Chancery Reports, Michigan.
Har. (Del.). Harrington's Reports, vols. 1-5 Delaware.
Har. St. Tr. Hargrave's State Trials.
Har. & Gill. Harris & Gill's Maryland Reports.
Har. & J. (Md.). Harris & Johnson's Maryland Reports.
Har. & John. Harris & Johnson's Mary­land Reports.
Har. & McH. Harris & McHenry's Mary­land Reports.
Har. & Ruth. Harrison & Rutherford's English Common Pleas Reports.
Har. A Woll. Harrison & Wollaston's English King's Bench Reports.
Hare. Harcarse's Decisions, Scotch Court ef Session,
Hard, (or Hardin). Hardin's Kentucky Reports.
Hard, (or Hardres). Hardres' English Exchequer Reports.
Hardes. Hardesty, Delaware Term Re­ports.
Hardr. (or Hardres). Hardres' English Exchequer Reports.
Hardw. Cases tempore Hardwicke, by Ridgeway;—Cases tempore Hardwicke, by Lee.
Hare. Hare's English Vice-Chancellors' Reports.
Hare & Wal. L. C. American Leading Oases, edited by Hare & Wallace.
Harg. Hargrave's State Trials;—^Har­grove's Reports, vols. 68-75 North Carolina.
Harg. Co. Litt. Hargrave's Notes to Coke on Littleton.
Harg. Law Tracts. Hargrave's Law Tracts.
Harg. St. Tr. (or State Tr.). Hargrave's State Trials.
Hargrove. Hargrove's Reports, vols. 68-75 North Carolina.
Harm. Harmon's Reports, vols. 13-15 California;—Harmon's Upper Canada Com­mon Pleas Reports.
Harp. Harper's South Carolina Law Re­ports.
Harp. Con. Cas. Harper's Conspiracy Cases, Maryland.
Harp. Eq. Harper's Equity Reports, South Carolina.
Harp. L. (or S. C). Harper's Law Re­ports, South Carolina.
Harr. Harrison's Reports, New Jersey;— Harrington's Reports, Delaware;—Harring­ton's Chancery Reports, Michigan;—Harris' Reports, vols. 13-24 Pennsylvania;—Harri­son's Reports, vols. 15-17 and 23-29 Indiana.
Harr. (Mich.) Harrington's Michigan Chancery Reports.
Harr. (N. J.). Harrison's Reports, vols. 16-19 New Jersey Law.
Harr. Con. La. R. Harrison's Condensed Louisiana Reports.
Harr. Dig. Harrison's Digest, English.
Harr. & G. Harris & Gill's Maryland Re­ports.
Harr. & Hodg. Harrison & Hodgin'0 Up­per Canada Municipal Reports.
Harr. & J. Harris & Johnson's Maryland Reports.
Harr. & McH. Harris & McHenry's Maryland Reports.
Harr. & Ruth. Harrison & Rutherford's English Common Pleas Reports.
Harr. & Sim.. Harris & Simrall's Reports, vols. 49-52 Mississippi.
Harr. Sc Woll. Harrison ft Wollaston's English King's Bench Reports.
Harring. Harrington's Delaware Re­ports ;—Harrington's Michigan Chancery Re­ports.
Harris. Harris' Reports, vols, ld-24 Penn­sylvania.

Harris Dig.

Harris Dig. Harris' Digest, Georgia.
Harris & Simrall. Harris & Simrall's Reports, vols. 49-52 Mississippi.
Harrison. Harrison's Reports, vols. 15-17 and 23-29 Indiana.
Hart. Hartley's Reports, vols. 4-10 Tex­as;—Hartley's Digest of Texas Laws.
Hartley. Hartley's Reports, vols. 4-10 Texas.
Hartley & Hartley. Hartley & Hartley's Reports, vols. 11-21 Texas.
Hask. Haskell's United States Circuit Court Reports.
Hast. Hastings' Reports, vols. 69-70 Maine.
Hav. Ch. Rep. Haviland's Chancery Re­ports, Prince Edward Island.
Hav. P. E. I. Haviland's Reports, Prince Edward Island.
Haw. Hawkins (see Hawk.);—Hawaiian Reports;—Hawley's Reports, vols. 10-20 Ne­vada.
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Haw. W. C. Hawes' Will Case.
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How. St. Tr.

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How. & Beat.

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I. R. R. International Revenue Record, New York City.
I. T. R. Irish Term Reports, by Ridge-way, Lapp & Schoales.*
la. Iowa;—Iowa Reports.
Ida. (or Idaho). Idaho;—Idaho Reports.
Iddings T. R. D. Iddings' Dayton Term Reports.
HI. Illinois;—Illinois Reports.
HI. App. Illinois Appeal Reports.
Imp. Fed. Imperial Federation, London.
Ind. Indiana;—Indiana Reports;—India; —(East) Indian.
Ind. App. Law Reports, Indian Appeals; >—Indiana Appeals.
Ind. App. Snpp. Supplemental Indian Appeals, Law Reports.
Ind. Jnr. Indian Jurist, Calcutta;—Indi­an Jurist, Madras.
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Ind. I,. R. Alia. Indian Law Reports, Al­lahabad.
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Ind. Ii. R. Oale. Indian Law Reports, Calcutta Series.
Ind. L. R. Mad. Indian Law Reports, Ma­dras Series.
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Inst., 1, 2, 3. Justinian's Inst. lib. 1, tit 2, §3.
Inst., 1, 2, 31. Justinian's Institutes, lib. 1, tit 2, § 31.
The Institutes of Justinian are divided in­to four books,—each book is divided into titles, and each title into paragraphs, of which the first described by the letters pr„ or prinoip., is not numbered. The old meth­od of citing the Institutes was to give the commencing words of the paragraph and of
the title; e. g., \ si adversus, Inst, de Nup-tiis. Sometimes the number of the para­graph was introduced, e. g., § 12, si adversus, Inst, de Nuptiis. The modern way is to give the number of the book, title, and paragraph, thus;—Inst. I. 10, 12; would be read Inst., Lib. I. tit 10, S 12.
Inst. Epil. Epilogue to [a designated part or volume of] Coke's Institutes.
Inst. Proem. Pro erne [introduction] to [a designated part or volume of] Coke's Insti­tutes.
Instr. Cler. Instructor Clericalis.
Int. Case. Rowe's Interesting Cases, Eng­lish and Irish.
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Mar. R.

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Myr. Prob.

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N. T. Reptr.
No. Cast. Rep.

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tional Bankruptcy Register Reports.
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London;—'Bosanquet & Puller's New Reports,
vols. 4, 5 Bosanquet & Puller. '
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New So. W. New South Wales.
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United States District Court, Admiralty Rp-ports.
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Nient cul. Nient culpable (not guilty).
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No. Ca. Ecc. & Mar. Notes of Cases (Eng­lish), Ecclesiastical and Maritime.
No. East. Rep. Northeastern Reportej (commonly cited N. E.)

No. West. Rep.

No. West. Rep. Northwestern Reporter (commonly cited N. W.)
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Non eul. Non culpabilis (not guilty).
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Park. Rev. Ca».

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[1891] P. Law Reports, Probate Divi­sion, from 1891 onward.
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Pet. Ad.

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Pet. Br.

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Poth. Cont. Sale

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Rap. Jnd. Q. C. S.
Rev. Laws

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Rl.Law Diot.(2d Ed.)—82
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Reg. Writ. Register of Writs.
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Rev. Ord. N. W. T.

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South Carolina Equity Reports.
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, Rich. Pr. Reg. Richardson's Practical Register, English Common Pleas.
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South Carolina Chancery Reports.
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Robs. Bank*.

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S. F. Used by the West Publishing Com­pany to locate place where decision is from, as, "S. F. 59," San Francisco Case No. 59 on Docket.
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Sannd.'& C.
Sess. Gas.

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Sess. Gas. So.
Six Giro.

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Sol. J.

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Pennsylvania State Reports.
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So. West. Rep. Southwestern Reporter (commonly cited S. W.).
Soc. Econ. Social Economist.
Sol. J. Solicitors' Journal, London.

Sol. J. & B.
Stim. Gloss*

Sol. J. &R. Solicitors' Law Journal and Reporter, London.
Soma. Gavelkind (or Somner). Somner on Gavelkind.
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South. Southern Reporter.
South. Car. South Carolina.
Southard. Southard's New Jersey Re­ports.
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Edition of Vesey's Reports.
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Swan '41
Tex. App.

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Tex. Civ. App.
Tuck. Sel. Gas.

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Tex. Crim. Rep. Texas Criminal Re­ports.
Tex. Ct. Rep. Texas Court Reporter.
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TiddPr. Tidd's Practice.
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Tr. Ch. Transactions of the High Court of Chancery (Tothill's Reports).
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TraiteduMar. Pothier, TraitS du Con-trat de Mariage.
Trans. App. Transcript Appeals, New York.
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Tread, (or Tread. Const. [S. C. ]). Treadway's South Carolina Constitutional Reports.
Tred. Tredgold's Reports, Cape Colony.
Tri. Bish. Trial of the Seven Bishops.
Tri. E. of Cov. Trial of the Earl of Cov­entry.
Tripp. Tripp's Reports, vols. 5-6 Dakota.
Tristram. Tristram's Supplement to vol. 4 Swabey & Tristram.
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True. Trueman's New Brunswick Re­ports and Equity Cases.
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Tuck. Sel. Cas. Tucker's < Select Cases, Newfoundland.

Tuck. Surr.
Up. Can.

Tuck. Surr. Tucker's Surrogate Reports, City of New York.
Tud. Cas. Merc. Law. Tudor's Leading Cases on Mercantile Law.
Tud. Cas. R. P. Tudor's Leading Cases on_ Real Property.
Tud. Char. Trusts. Tudor on Charitable Trusts.
Tudor, Lead. Cas. Real Prop. Tudor's Leading Cases on Real Property.
Tapper. Tupper's Reports, Ontario Ap­peals;—Tupper's Upper Canada Practice Re­ports.
Tur. Turner & Russell's English Chan­cery Reports.
Turn. Turner's Reports, vols. 9&-101 Kentucky;—Turner's Reports, vols. 35, 48 Arkansas.
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Turn. & R. Turner & Russell's English Chancery Reports.
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Tuttle & Carpenter. Tuttle & Carpen­ter's Reports, vol. 52 California.
Ty. Tyler.
Tyl. (or Tyler). Tyler's Vermont Reports.
Tyng. Tyng's Reports, vols. 2-17 Massa­chusetts.
Tyr. (or Tyrw.). Tyrwhitt & Granger's English Exchequer Reports.
Tyr. & Gr. Tyrwhitt & Granger's Eng­lish Exchequer Reports.
Tytler, Mil. Law. Tytler on Military Law and Courts-MartiaL
U. Utah;—Utah Reports.
IT. B. Upper Bench.
TT. B. Pr. Upper Bench Precedents tempore Car. I.
U. C. Upper Canada.
TT. C. App. Upper Canada Appeals.
TT. C. C. P. Upper Canada Common Pleas Reports.
U. C. Ch. Upper Canada Chancery Re­ports.
U. C. Cham. Upper Canada Chamber Re­ports.
TT. C. E. & A. Upper Canada Error and Appeal Reports.
U. C. Jur. Upper Canada Jurist.
TT. C. K. B. (or U. C. O. S.). Upper Can­ada King's Bench Reports, Old Series.
U. C. Pr. (or P. R.). Upper Canada Prac­tice Reports.
TT. C. Q. B. Upper Canada Queen's Bench Reports.
U. C. Q. B. O. S. (or TT. C. O. S.). Upper Canada Queen's (King's) Bench Reports, Old Series.
TT. C. R. Queen's Bench Reports, Ontario.
TT. C. Rep. Upper Canada Reports.
TJ. K. United Kingdom.
TJ. S. United States;—United States Re­ports.
TJ. S. Ap. (or U. S. App.). United States Appeals Reports.
TJ. S. C. C. United States Circuit Court; —United States Court of Claims.
U. S. C. S. United States Civil Service Commission.
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TJ. S. Comp. St. Supp. United States Compiled Statutes Supplement.
TJ. S. Ct. CI. Reports of the United States Court of Claims.
TJ. S. D. C. United States District Court; —United States District of Columbia.
TJ. S. R. United States Supreme Court Reports.
TJ. S. R. S. United States Revised Stat­utes.
TJ. S. Reg. United States Register, Phil­adelphia:
TJ. S. Rev. St. United States Revised Statutes.
TJ. S. S. C. Rep. United States Supreme Court Reports.
TJ. S. St. at L. United States Statutes at Large.
TJ. S. St. Tr. United States State Trials (Wharton's).
TJlm. L. Ree. Ulman's Law Record, New York.
TJnderh. Torts. Underbill on Torts.
TJp. Ben. Pre. Upper Bench Precedents, tempore Car. I.
TJp. Can. Upper Canada (see U. C).

V. Vermont;—Vermont Reports;—Victo­ria ;—Virginia;—Virginia Reports.
V. C. C. Vice-Chancellor's Court
V. Ii. R. Victorian Law Reports, Austra­lia. (For Victorian see Vict.)
V.N. Van Ness',Prize Cases.
V. ft. Vermont Reports.
V. &B. Vesey & Beames' English Chan­cery Reports.
V. & S. Vernon & Scriven's Irish King's Bench Reports.
Va. Virginia;—Virginia Reports;—Gil­mer's Virginia Reports.
Va. Bar. Assn. Virginia State Bar As­sociation.
Va. Cas. Virginia Cases (by Brocken* brough & Holmes).
Va. Ch. Deo. Chancery Decisions, Vir­ginia.
Va.B. Virginia Reports;—Gilmer's Vir­ginia Reports.
VanK. Van Koughnet's Reports, vola 15-21 Upper Canada Common Pleas.
Van. Ii. Vander Linden's Practice, Cape Colony.
VanN. Van Ness' Prize Cases.
Vanderstr. Vanderstraaten's Ceylon Re­ports.
Vatt. Vattel's Law of Nations.
Vatt. Law Nat. (or Vattel). Vattel's Law of Nationa
Vang, (or Vaugh.). Vaughan's English Common Pleas Reports.
Vanghan. Vaughan's English Common Pleas Reports.
Vans. Vaux's Recorder's Decisions, Phil­adelphia.
Ve. (or Ves.). Vesey's English Chancery-
Reports. >
Ve. (or Ves.) & B. Vesey & Beames' Eng­lish Chancery Reparts.
Veasey. Veazey's Reports, vols. 36-46 Vermont.
Vent. Ventris' English Common Pleas Reports.
Ventr. Ventris' English King's Bench Reports.
Ver. (or Verm.). Vermont Reports.
Vern. Vernon's English Chancery Re­ports.
Vern. & Scr. (or Scriv.). Vernon & Scriven's Irish King's Bench Reports.
Ves. Vesey's English Chancery Reports.
Ves. Jr. Vesey, Jr.'s, English Chancery Re­ports.
Ves. Jnn. Snpp. Supplement to Vesey, Jr.'s, Reports, by Hovenden.
Ves. Sen. (or Sr.). Vesey, Sr.'s, English Chancery Reports.
Ves. & B. (or Bea.). Vesey & Beames' English Chancery Reports.
Vet. Na. B. Old Natura Brevium.
Ves. Vezey's (Vesey's) English Chancery Reports.
Vicat. (or Vieat. Voc. Jar.). Vocabular-ium jurisutriusque, ex variis editis%
Vict. Queen Victoria.
Vict. L. R. Victo.rian Law Reports, Aus­tralia.
Vict. L. T. Victorian Law Times, Mel­bourne.
Vict. Rep. Victorian Reports.
Vict. Rev. Victorian Review.
Vict. St. Tr. Victorian State Trials.
Vil. & Br. Vilas & Bryant's Edition of the Wisconsin Reports.
Vilas. Vilas' New York Criminal Reports.
Vin. Abr. Viner's Abridgment.
Virg. Virginia (see Va.);—Virgin.
Virgin. Virgin's Reports, vols. 52-60 Maine;—Virginia (see Va.).
Viz. Videlicet (that is to say).
Vo. Verbo.
Voet, Com. ad Pand. Voet, Commenta-rius ad Pandectas.
Vr. Vroom's New Jersey Reports.
Vroom (G. D. W.). G. D. W. Vroom's Re­ports, vols. 36-63 New Jersey Law.
Vroom (P. D.). P. D. Vroom's Reports, vols. 30-35 New Jersey Law.
Vt. Vermont;—Vermont Reports.

W. King William;—Wheaton's United States Supreme Court Reports;—Wendell's New York Reports;—Watt's Reports, Penn­sylvania;—Weekly; — Wisconsin; — Wyo­ming;—Wright's Ohio Reports.
W. A. Western Australia.
W.'Bl. Sir William B;ackstone's English King's Bench Reports.
W. C. C. Washington's United States Circuit Court Reports.
W. H. Chron. Westminster Hall Chroni­cle, London.
W. H. & G. Welsby, Hurlstone & Gor­don's English Exchequer Reports.
W. Jo. Sir William Jones' English King's Bench Reports.
W. Kel. William Kelyngete English Chanr eery Reports.
W. JS. Weekly Notes, London.
W. P. Cas. Wollaston's English Bail Court (Practice) Cases.
W. R. Weekly Reporter, London;—Week­ly Reporter, Bengal;—Wendell's New York Reports;—Wisconsin Reports;—West's Re­ports (English Chancery).
W. Rep. West's Reports tempore Hard-wicke, English Chancery.
W.Rob. W. Robinson's English Admiral­ty Reports.
W. T. R. Weekly Transcript Reports, New York.
W. Ty. R. Washington Territory Reports.
W.Va. West Virginia;—West Virginia Reports.
W. W. & A'B. Vict. Wyatt, Webb, & A'Beckett's Reports, Victoria.
W. W. &D. Willmore, Wollaston & Davi­son.
W. W. & H. Willmore, Wollaston, & Hodges' English Queen's Bench Reports.
W. & B. Dig. Walker & Bates' Digest, Ohio.
W. & C. Wilson & Courtenay's Scotch Ap­peal Cases (see Wilson & Shaw).
W. & L. Dig. Wood & Long's Digest, Illi­nois.
W. & M. Woodbury & Minof s United States Circuit Court Reports;—William & Mary.
W. & S. Watts & Sergeant's Pennsylvania Reports;—Wilson & Shaw's Scotch Appeal Cases.
W. & S. App. Wilson & Shaw's Scotch Appeals, English House of -Lords.
W. & T. Eq. Ca. (or Ii. C). White & Til-dor's Leading Cases In Equity.
W. & W. White & Wilson's Texas Court of Appeals, Civil Cases.
W. & W.Vict. Wyatt & Webb's Victorian Reports.
Wa. Watts' Reports, Pennsylvania }— Wales.
Wait, Act. & Def. Waifs Actions and Di fences.
Wait Dig. Wait's Digest, New York.
Wait St. Pap. Wait's State Papers of the United States.
Wal. Wallace (see Wall.).
Wal. by L. Wallis' Irish Reports, by Lyne.
Wal. Jr. (or Wall. Jr.). Wallace's (J. W.) United States Circuit Court Reports.
Walk, (or Walker). Walker's Mississip­pi Reports;—Walker's Michigan Chancery Reports;—Walker's Reports, vols. 25, 72-88, Texas;—Walker's Reports, vols. 1-10 Texas Civil Appeals;—Walker's Reports, vols. 96, 109 Alabama;—Walker's Pennsylvania Re­ports.
Walk. (Pa.). Walker's Pennsylvania Re­ports.
Walk. Ch. (or Mick.). Walker's Michi­gan Chancery Reports.
Walk. Miss. Walker's Mississippi Re­ports.
Wall. Wallace's United States Supreme Court Reports;—Wallace's (Sr.) United States Circuit Court Reports;—Wallace's Philadel­phia Reports;—Wallis' Irish Chancery Re­ports.
Wall. C. C. Wallace's United States Cir­cuit Court Reports, Third Circuit.
Wall. Rep. Wallace on the Reporters;— Wallace's United States Supreme Court Re­ports.
Wall. S. O. Wallace's United States Su­preme Court Reports.
Wall. Sen. (or Wal. Sr.). Wallace's (J. B.) United States Circuit Court Reports.
Wallis. Wallis' Irish Chancery Reports.
Wallis by I*. Wallis' Irish Chancery Re­ports, by Lyne.
Walsk. Walsh's Registry Cases, Ireland.
Ward. Warden's Reports, Ohio;—Warden & Smith's Reports, Ohio.
Ward, Leg. Ward on Legacies.
"Warden. Warden's Reports, vols. 2, 4 Ohio State.
Warden & Smith. Warden & Smith's Re­ports, vol. 3 Ohio State.
Ware. Ware's United States District Court Reports.
Wartk Code. West Virginia Code, 1899.
Warv. Abst. Warvelle on Abstracts of Title.
Wask. Washington;—Washington's Re­ports;—Washington's United States Circuit Court Reports;'—Washington's Virginia Re­ports ;—Washburn's Reports, vols. 1&-23 Ver­mont.
Wash. O. O. Washington's United States Circuit Court Reports.
Wask. Ter. Washington Territory Re­ports.
Wask. Ter. X. S. Allen's Washington Ter­ritory Reports, New Series.

Wash. Va.
Wheeler, Cr. Cas.

Wash. Va. Washington's Virginia Re­ports.
Wash. & Has. P. E. I. Washburton & Hazard's Reports, Prince Edward Island.
Washb. Real Prop. Washburn on Real Property.
Washburn. Washburn's Reports, vols, 16-23 Vermont
Wat. Watkins;—Watson.
Wat. C. G. H. Watermeyer's Cape of Good Hope Reports.
Wat. Cr. Dig. Waterman's Oriminal Di­gest, United States.
Watermeyer. Watermeyer's Gape of Good Hope Reports.
Watk. Conv. Watkins' Conveyancing.
Watk. Copyh. Watkins' Copyholds.
Wats. Arb. Watson on Arbitration.
Wats. Cler. Law. Watson's Clergyman'* Law.
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Web. Tr. The Trial of Professor Webster for Murder.
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Webb, A'B. & W. I..P. & M. Webb,
A'Beckett, & Williams' Insolvency, Probate, and Matrimonial Reports, Victoria.
Webb, A'B. & W. Mint. Webb, A'Beck-ttt, & Williams' Mining Cases, Victoria.
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Webs. Webster.
Webst. Diet, (or "Webster). Webster's Dictionary.
Week. Reptr. Weekly Reporter, London; ?—Weekly Reporter, Bengal.
Week. Trans. Bepts. Weekly Transcript Reports, New York.
Weeks, Attys. at Law. Weeks on Attor­neys at Law.
Weight. Med. Leg. Gas. Weightman's
Medico-Legal Gazette, London.
Wei. Welsh's Irish Registry Cases.
Wells, Repl. Wells on Replevin.
Welsh., H. & G. Welsby, Hurlstoae, & •ordon's English Exchequer Reports.
Welsh. Welsh's Registry Cases, Ireland; —Welsh's Irish Cases at Sligo;—Welsh's flrish) Case of James Feighny, 1838.
Welsh Beg. Cas. Welsh's Irish Registry Oases.
Wend. Wendell's New York Reports.
Wens. Wenzell's Reports, vols. 60*
Week. Ins. Weskett on Insurance,
West. West's Reports, English House of Lords;—West's Reports, English Chancery; —Western Tithe Cases;—Weston's Reports, vols. 11-14 Vermont.
West. Am. Western Australia.
West Ch. West's English Chancery Cases.
West Co. Bep. West Coast Reporter.
West H. L. West's Reports, English House of Lords.
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West Symb. West's Symboleographie.
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West Va. West Virginia;—West Virginia Reports.
Westm. Statute of Westminster.
Westm. Rev. Westminster Review.
Weston. Weston's Reports, vols. 11-14 Vermont.
Weth. Wethey's Reports, Canada.
Wh. Wheaton's United States Supreme Court Reports;—Wharton's Pennsylvania Re­ports;—Wheeler's New York Criminal Re­ports.
Wh. Cr. Cas. Wheeler's New York Crim­inal Cases.
Wh. & T. L. C. White & Tudor's Lead­ing Cases in Equity.
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Whar. Dig. Wharton's Digest, Pennsyl­vania.
Whar. St. Tr. Wharton's State Trials, United States.
Whart. Wharton.
Whart. (Pa.). Wharton's Pennsylvania Reports.
Whart. Ag. Wharton on Agency.
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Whart. Ev. Wharton on Evidence in Civ­il Issues.
Whart. Horn. Wharton on Homicide.
Whart. Lex. Wharton's Law Lexicon.
Whart. Neg. Wharton on Negligence.
Whart. State Tr. Wharton's State Tri­als, United States.
Whart. & S. Med. Jnr. Wharton &
Still6's Medical Jurisprudence.
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Wheat. Hist. Law Nat. Wheaton's His­tory of the Law of Nations.
Wheat. Int. Law. Wheaton's Interna­tional Law.
Wheel. Wheeler's New York Criminal Cases;—Wheelock's Reports, vols. 32-37 Texas.
Wheel. Br. Cas. Wheeling Bridge Case.
Wheel. Cr. C. Wheeler's New York Crim­inal Oases.
Wheel. Cr. Rec. Wheeler's Criminal Re­corder, New York, vol. 1 Wheeler's Criminal Cases.
Wheeler, Cr. Cas. Wheeler's New York* Criminal Cases.

Will. & Sh.

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White, New Becop. (or Nov. Recop.). See White, Recop.
White, Becop. White, New Recopilacion. A New Collection of Laws and Local Ordi­nances of Great Britain, France, and Spain, Relating to the Concessions of Land in Their Respective Colonies, with the Laws of Mexi­co and Texas on the Same Subjects.
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Whitm. Pat. Cas. Whitman's Patent Cases.
Whitm. Pat. taw Bev. Whitman's Pat­ent Law Review, Washington, D. C
Whitney. Whitney's Land Laws, Tennes­see.
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Wight £1. Cas. Wight's Election Cases (Scotch).
Wil. Williams {see Will.);—Wilson (see Wils.).
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Wilcox Cond. Wilcox, Condensed Ohio Reports.
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Will. Willes' English Common Pleas Re­ports;—Willson's Reports, vols. 29-30 Texas Appeals, also vols. 1, 2 Texas Civil Appeals. See, also, Williams.
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Will.-Bund St. Tr. Willis-Bund's Cases from State Trials.
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Will. P. Peere-Williams' English Chan­cery Reports.
Will. Saund. Williams' Notes to Saund­ers" Reports.
Will. Vt. Williams' Reports, vols. 27-29 Vermont
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Will., Woll. & Hodg. Willmore, Wollas-ton & Hodges, English Queen's Bench Re­ports.
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Willcock, Mun. Corp. Willcock's Muni­cipal Corporation.
Willes. Willes' English King's Bench and Common Pleas Reports.
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Williams, Ex'rs. Williams on Executors.
Williams P. Peere-Williams' English Chancery Reports.
Williams. Pers. Prop. Williams on Per­sonal Property.
Williams, Saund. Williams' Notes to Saunders' Reports.
Williams, Seis. Williams on Seisin. r Williams & B. Adm. Jnr. Williams & Bruce on Admiralty Jurisdiction.
Willis, Trustees. Willis on Trustees.
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Willm. W. & H." Willmore, Wollaston & Hodges' English Queen's Bench Reports.
Wills, Circ. Ev. Wills on Circumstantial Evidence.
Willson. Willson's Reports, vols. 29-30 Texas Appeals, also vols. 1, 2 Texas Court of Appeals, Civil Cases.
. Wilm. Wilmot's Notes of Opinions, Eng­lish King's Bench.
Wilm. Op. (or Jndg.). Wilmot's Notes of Opinions.
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Wils. (Ind.). Wilson's Indiana Superior Court Reports.
Wils. Ch. Wilson's English Chancery Re­ports.
Wils. Ent. Wilson's Entries and Plead­ings (same as vol. 3 Lord Raymond).
Wils. Exch. Wilson's English Exchequer Reports.
Wils. Ind. Gloss. Wilson, Glossary of In­dian Terms.
Wils. K. B. Sergeant Wilson's English King's Bench Reports.
Wils. & Court. Wilson & Courtenay's Scotch Appeals Cases (see Wilson & Shaw).
?Wils. & Sh. Wilson & Shaw's Scotch Ap­peals Cases (Shaw, Wilson & Courtenay).


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Wm. Bob. William Robinson's English Admiralty Reports.
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Wms. Saund. Williams' Notes to Saund­ers' Reports.
Wms. Vt. Williams' Reports, vols. 27-29 Vermont
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Wolf. & D. Wolferstan & Dew, English.
Wolff, Dr. de la Nat. Wolffius, Droit de la Nature.
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Wolffius (or Wolffius, Inst.). Wolffius, Institutiones Juris Naturae et Gentium.
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Wood Conv. Wood on Conveyancing.
Bl.Law DiCT.(2r Ed.)—83
Wood Deer. Wood's (Decrees in) Tithe Cases.
Wood H. Hutfcon's Wood's Decrees to Tithe Cases.
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Wood, Inst. Wood's Institutes of Eng­lish Law.
Wood, Inst. Com. Law. Wood's Institutes of Che Common Law.
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Wood, Nnis. Wood on Nuisances.
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Woodf. Landl. & Ten. Woodf all on Land­lord and Tenant.
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Woods (or Woods' C. C). Woods* Unit­ed States Circuit Court Reports.
Woodw. Dec. Pa. Woodward's Common Pleas Decisions, Pennsylvania.
Wool. Woolworth's United7 States Circuit Court Reports;—Woolrych.
Wool. C. C. Woolworth's Reports, United States Circuit Courts, 8th Circuit (Fuller's Opinions).
Wools. Pol. Science (or Woolsey, Polit. Science). Woolsey's Political Science.
Woolw. Woolworth's United States Cir­cuit Court Reports;—Woolworth's Reports, vol. 1 Nebraska.
Worcester. Worcester, Dictionary of the English Language.
Words. Elect. Cas. Wordsworth's Elec­tion Cases.
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Wr. Ch. (or Wr. Ohio). Wrighf s Re­ports, Ohio.
Wr. Pa. Wright's Reports, vols. 37-50 Pennsylvania State.
Wright (or Wri.). Wright's Reports,. vols. 37-50 Pennsylvania State;—Wright's Ohio Reports.
Wright N. P. Wright's Nisi Prius Re­ports, Ohio.
Wright, Ten. Wright on Tenures.
Wy. Wyoming;— Wyoming Reports;— Wythe's Virginia Chancery Reports.
Wy. Die. Wyatt's Dickens' Chancery Re­ports.
Wyatt, W. & A'B. Wyatt, Webb & A'Beckett's Reports, Victoria.
Wyatt, W. & A'B. Eq. Wyatt, Webb &-A'Beckett's Equity Reports, Victoria.
Wyatt, W. & A'B. I. P. & M. Wyatt,
Webb & A'Beckett's Insolvency, Probate and Matrimonial Reports, Victoria.


Wyatt, W. So A* B. Mln. Wyatt, Webb & A'Beckett's Mining Cases, Victoria.
Wyatt & W. Eq. Wyatt & Webb's Equi­ty Reports, Victoria.
Wyatt & W. I. P. & M. Wyatt & Webb's Insolvency, Probate, and Matrimonial Re­ports, Victoria.
?Wyatt & W. Min. Wyatt & Webb's Min­ing Cases, Victoria.
Wyatt 6c Webb. Wyatt & Webb's Re­ports, Victoria.
Wyman. Wyman's Reports, India.
Wynne Bo v. Wynne's Bovlll's Patent Cases.
Wyo. Wyoming;—Wyoming Reports.
Wyo. T. Wyoming Territory.
Wythe. Wythe's Virginia Chancery Re­ports.

Y. Yeates' Pennsylvania Reports.
Y. B. Year Book, English King's Bench, etc.
Y. B. Ed. I. Year Books of Edward I.
Y. B. P. 1, Edw. II. Year Boobs, Part 1, Edward II.
Y. B. S. O. Year Books, Selected Cases, 1.
Y. Ii. B. York Legal Record.
Y. & O. Younge & Collyer's English Chan­cery Reports and Exchequer.
Y. & J. Younge & Jervis' English Ex­chequer Reports.
Yates Sel. Cas. Yates' New York Select Cases.
Yea. (or Yeates). Yeates' Pennsylvania Reports.
Yearb. Year Book, English King's Bench, etc.
Yearb. P. 7, Hen. VI. Year Books, Part 7, Henry VI.
Yel. Yelverton's English King's Bench Reports.
Yelv. Yelverton, English.
Yerg. Yerger's Tennessee Reporta
Yo. Young (see You.).
York Ass. Clayton's Reports (York As­sizes).
York Leg. Ree. York Legal Record.
You. Younge's English Exchequer Equity Reports.
You. & Coll. Ch. Younge & Collyer's Eng­lish Chancery Reports.
You. & Coll. Ex. Younge & Collyer's Eng­lish Exchequer Hquity Reports.
You. & Jerv. Younge & Jervis' English Exchequer Reports.
Young. Young's Reports, vols. 31-47 Minnesota.
Young Adm. Young's Nova Scotia Admi­ralty Cases.
Young Adm. Dec. Young's Admiralty Decisions.
Young M. L. Cas. Young's Maritime Law Cases.
Young, Naut. Diet. Young, Nautical Dic­tionary.
Younge. Younge's English Exchequer Eq­uity Reports.
Younge & Coll. Ch. Younge & Collyer's English Chancery Cases.
Younge & Coll. Ex. Younge & Collyer's English Exchequer Equity Reports.
Younge & J. Younge & Jervis, English.
Yuk. Yukon Territory.

Zab. Zabriskie's New Jersey Reports. Zinn Ca. Tr.
Zane. Zane's Reports, vols. 4-9 Utah. Law of Trusts.
Zlnn's Select Cases in the

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